You feel like the most awkward person ever when it comes to getting your pictures taken.

Guess what? We feel like too. About ourselves, I mean.. not about you ;)

That’s why we’re here to capture you candidly during the in-between moments of your wedding day, and step up with extra direction and reassurance during those posed portrait sessions.

Our goal is to be the photographers that we would want and need.

Some hand holding and love + with extra attitude to make you feel at ease and like the strong badass you are. You may not feel like the most confident person in the room all the time, and we’re here to change that.

Let me guess...

Im Aubrey

I know you don’t often have your picture taken and I know you’ve been scouring Instagram and photography websites looking for someone to capture you, your boo, and your unique love.

Well, you’ve met your match.

My primary mission is to make you feel at home getting your pictures taken. From giving you all the direction you need to feel comfortable, to making you feel fierce and confident so you can show up as the real you.

But of course, I can't do it alone...

owner of wild heart co.
lead photographer and videographer

Check out the  team in action

Meet the team at Wild Heart

WE’RE A GROWING GROUP OF female photographers and videographers, DEDICATED TO CAPTURING YOU.

We specialize in capturing the love stories of Virginia couples who are fierce, independent, and ready to live the rest of their life with their special person by their side. We know your wedding day is about much more than outdated, boring traditions. It’s about you, your partner, and the amazing life you’ve built together. 

frequently asked questions

After a few years of second shooting and doing other types of photography, Aubrey officially launched Wild Heart as a business in 2017. Since then we’ve shot well over a hundred weddings.. Too many to keep track of!

As with anything, communication is the key, and before the wedding we’ll discuss just how involved you’d like us to be. For the most part, we prefer to stay out of the spotlight and capture candid moments as authentically as possible. However, there’s a few times in the day -- like portraits -- when you’re gonna be like “What do I do with my hands?!” and we’re happy to take the lead and direct as much as you need to feel comfortable!

If 2020 has taught me anything, it’s that you can never be too cautious when it comes to documenting one of the most important days of someone’s life. Having multiple photographers and videographers who are constantly working and training together means that you never have to worry about who’s going to fill in if one of us gets sick or has an emergency. I’ve invested a lot into training and team building, and am confident that any of our girls can step in and provide you with the quality and experience that we’ve built our reputation on!

All of our packages come with 8 hours of coverage with a lead photographer or videographer, and a second shooter who is there for the necessary parts of the day (the seconds are not typically there the entire 8 hours). Combo packages will have 3 shooters -- a lead photographer, lead videographer, and a second shooter.

My goal is to make sure that every couple gets an amazing experience, and my people get matched with weddings that they’re really excited to shoot. For most weddings you’ll still be working with me (Aubrey) directly, and I hand pick the second shooters that I think will vibe with you the best. Except in very rare circumstances, you’ll know before you even sign the contract whether you’ll be with me or one of our other leads.