Services range from $2000-6000

Are you ready to throw on that gorgeous dress, bring all of your favorite people together, and have a kickass party you’ll get to remember forever?


We’ll deliver bold photos that are full of emotion and totally you…because let’s face it, y’all look good.


We’ll catch those meaningful moments and then beautifully and seamlessly weave them together to tell your story.


Go big or go home, right? Most of our couples get both!



Wedding Day!

Listen, I know you’re overwhelmed and feeling a bit crazy. It’s okay! We’ve done this more times than we can count. Just sit back and relax while we make you feel comfortable and confident.

The Process


Let's see if we vibe

After you fill out my contact form, I’ll reach out to you with a link to schedule a call with me. We can chat over your wants and needs and figure out if we’re a great fit.



The moment you’ve been waiting for. You can trust we’ll take amazing care of your images and video files and provide you with sneak peeks, a high resolution digital gallery and/or a virtual showcase so you can share with friends and family right away!

let's work together

FAQ about packages

We include a complimentary engagement or bridal session with all of our photo packages. You can read this article if you’re curious to know why. You can opt out, but it won’t change the package price. If you’d prefer you can always use that photo session after the wedding for anniversary or maternity pics. 

All of our packages are based around 8 hours of coverage, which we find to be the ideal amount of time to cover getting ready through the important parts of reception. I’ve found when we shoot less than that, we’re still trying to fit 8 hours worth of coverage into 6 hours and it ends up being stressful and rushed. When we shoot more than that, it can be a long day with a lot of unnecessary down time. We’ll work with you on your timeline to make sure that you get exactly the coverage you need.


There’s no travel fees if your wedding is within 90 minutes from Hampton Roads, VA. Any further than that and an overnight stay is required, and we charge a travel fee of $150 per employee to cover gas, hotel room and food.

FAQ about galleries

Absolutely! You can browse our portfolio page to see a few samples right now. After I know more details about your day I’m happy to send you full galleries or videos that we’ve done from the similar venues, with similar body sizes, to show you exactly what you can expect. Fill out the inquiry form to get that process started.

I like to think of it as bold colors while still being true-to-life, so that you can still enjoy our work decades from now. My goal is to make your wedding day look as rich and dramatic as possible while still maintaining all the gorgeous colors and details of things like your invitation suite or bouquet. 

Our galleries come “social-media ready”, which includes color correcting and basic edits for the full day, plus fine tuning on the portraits. If you plan on printing artwork like large canvases, you can select up to 5 photos for me to go in and ultra fine tune. If you want anything extra done beyond that, that can be done for an added fee. 

Your photos will be uploaded to an online gallery within 6 weeks of the wedding.
On average an engagement session will be around 50 photos and a full wedding gallery will be around 800 photos.
You’ll be able to download both high-resolution and social media size photos from the gallery, with a print release. You’ll also be able to order prints, albums and artwork right through our gallery easy peasy.

I keep backups of the weddings that I shoot on two different harddrives, and I spend a small fortune in hosting fees to make sure that my galleries and videos can be housed for the duration of time that Wild Heart is in operation. I feel confident that I’m doing everything in my power to make sure you can access your files when you need them, but ultimately it’s your responsibility to make sure that you keep backups of your photos and videos because technology be crazy and you never know what’s gonna happen. I recommend downloading your videos/photos immediately after receiving them, and storing them in multiple locations.

some sweet reviews

Aubrey’s style is completely unique and refreshingly different from today’s mundane photography trends.

“Aubrey’s style is completely unique and refreshingly different from today’s mundane photography trends. As someone who almost never likes photos of myself, I was hoping to really like at least one of the finished photos, but I was floored to see how incredibly flattering they turned out! I love them all!!!” — BRIE

"...This is a pull quote. It contains the absolute best parts of the review to the right. It's perfect in case anyone decides to skim right past this section..."

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